About Us

Our Goal

Sake Company is a business unit of F-T srl, a company focusing on import and export between Europe and Japan.
This is the first original Japanese Sake shop, selected by Japanese sommeliers and imported directly from the "Kura" (the Sake breweries). We are the reference in Europe for high quality Sake.
We are specifically targeting Sake that has never been imported before and for which have exclusivity agreements.
By buying directly from the breweries we can offer high quality and innovative products that are also surprisingly affordable.


Our Stock

We are well aware that Sake is a fresh and delicate product, so we transport it and store it at controlled temperature and we take special care of keeping our Sake in the best conditions.
Our web site is integrated with our logistics and shipments happen the next working day, for a delivery in 2-3 working days.


Our Selection

We take pride in our careful selection work, constantly visiting new producers, looking for just the best quality and most interesting finds.
We are constantly growing and adding new Nihonshu, Shocchu, Umeshu and new Kura from all regions of Japan


Contact Us

For any question, request or even just to chat about your preferred Sake, feel free to contact us through the form below. 


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