Wada Shuzo

Apr 24, 2015Lorenzo Simonini

Traditional and Local

Wada Shuzo

This is one of the oldest breweries still in operation in Japan, it was founded in 1797, in a small village called Yachi, at the heart of the Yamagata prefecture. The family started their business here, by trading in rice and safflower oil, but soon specialized in Sake production and developed the brewery to the present top quality levels.

This part of the Yamagata prefecture has been famous for the best quality rice production since ancient times, in particular the famous "Kairoshinko" variety, the only one suitable for Sake brewing in the old times.

The water available here is coming directly from the icecaps of the Gassan mountains, providing a very soft and fresh taste. Here you can find the best combination of rice, water and air, the only three ingredients of our sake.


The Sake Masters are all local, coming from the long tradition of local Sake craftsmanship, so they aim to produce a brew that appeals the local taste. The small production quantities mean that this family takes great care in producing the best quality Sake, they take pride in producing a Sake that "travels to the heart".

Every year in March the Japanese Sake Review Board announces the top Sake of the country. This "Kura" (Sake Brewery) has been participating since 2003 and has been awarded the Gold Medal three times so far. This is definitely one of the top breweries, producing some of the best Sake you can find.

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